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The hip joint is a “ball and socket joint”. It is a very important joint as it allows a great deal of movement but is also weight-bearing. As a result of this, it is often prone to “wearing away”. This is a simplified reason as to why arthritis occurs.

There are several risk factors for developing hip arthritis –

  • * increasing age
  • * genetic predisposition (family history)
  • * heavy impact sporting activities
  • * complication of hip fracture treatment
  • * childhood conditions – hip dysplasia (clicky hips), Perthe’s disease, SUFE

Arthritis can be a very painful condition which may slow down your mobility/ walking or even stop you from sleeping. The other symptoms of hip arthritis include hip stiffness, difficulty with putting your shoes and socks and excessive pain after sitting for a prolonged period.

A hip replacement is an operation which replaces the severely damaged hip bone with an artificial ball and socket that does the function of the natural joint. It is designed to reduce the pain and help you return to your activities.